Saturday, September 28, 2013

Footy Boss - What is your Boss Score?

We need a more engaging and useful review of game and season performances.

We're adding some more bits and pieces to the existing statistics. What do we have in mind?

  • Man of the Match award for each game.  
  • Club Champion award for best Club player every season.
  • Club Top Rookie award for best Club rookie player every season.
  • League Champion award for best player in your Global League every season.
  • League Top Rookie award for best rookie player in your Global League every season.

How exactly will these be calculated? We calculate a ‘Boss Score’ for each match, which is a tally of all of team statistics for the match with a weighing applied to every statistical category.  This weighting is required to ensure that a player from any position could potentially get the highest Boss Score for a game should he dominate the relevant statistical categories in that position.

We can then use this score to determine the winner of the new Match, Club and League awards as listed above.

Follow the link below to read more about the current iteration of Footy Boss.

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