Monday, September 23, 2013

Footy Boss - Trading Players Between Clubs

We've got a new feature coming to make player trading more interesting, as it seems the current auction system is not getting as used as much as we expected.

Footy Boss will have the ability to trade players in a new Trade Centre as an alternative to buying / selling players on the existing Player Market. A Manager will be able to list squad members to be traded and of course view other members from different clubs, that are also listed to be traded.

To assist with trades, all players in the game will now have a nominated Trade Value.  This will represent the player's standing and value in the game, taking into account their talent, skills and age. Any proposed trade can incorporate up to 3 players from each team however the ‘Total Trade Value’ of all player involved must be within 20% of each other. This will help keep trades fair, and prevent potential exploitation of the trade system.

You will be able to make an offer to trade for any player in the Trade Centre, however any deal must be accepted by the other team for it to be valid.  You will likewise also accept or decline any offers for your players listed in the Trade Centre.

We hope this will encourage some more player movement between clubs, and provide options for cash-strapped managers.

Follow the link below to read more about the current iteration of Footy Boss.

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